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You are here: Home FORDification 'Meet & Greets' and Other Shows 2005 F-100 SuperNationals Picture Gallery

2005 F-100 SuperNationals Picture Gallery

Photos & Commentary
by Trevor Rush (CACWBY)


With Trevor's permission, I've posted the great pictures he's taken at the 2005 F100 Super Nationals, held in Chilhowee Park in Knoxville, Tennessee May 12-14, 2005. However, I've only posted his pics of '67-'72 see more, check out his Webshots gallery.

Click on each thumbnail to enlarge...use your browser's Back button to return to this page.

 Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The front of Trevor's truck upon arrival....after killing "every single bug in the Midwest!"

My windshield when I replaced.

Some of these people must
stay here all the time.

Midway before the crowds
The pond...

...and a lovely fountain in
the middle of the pond!!!!

A couple early bird 67-72's. Redneck F100 (Ryan & his dad), and I ended up parking across from them today

The 2 early birds from the front.

Another section of the park with more early birds.

Early Birds at bottom and POWER PARKERS above them (and nice trucks too-but these are the super serious 100K plus trucks folks, you do not want to try this at home. They will all be featured in mags)

vendor's row getting set up

Dennis Carpenter getting set up

parking before the crowds

getting set up inside

Todd Crow's lowered
red '72 Ranger XLT

a stock '67

 Thursday, May 12, 2005

Seems to be more 67-72's than when I was here in 2003, and a lot of them are for sale. Not many longbeds. I stuck lots of FORDification cards under windshields and handed out to owners in our area. Will give out more tomorrow.

Kool blue '67


Yawning Ford trucks

Trucks without the crowds

More trucks without the crowds

Another two-toner

A '67 cruisin' in the crowd

Another red truck

Stuff for sale

Trucks for sale

'69 for sale

same '69 for sale

'69 Camper Special for sale

'69 Camper Special for sale

'67 with a 460 for sale

The '67 with the 460

Even more trucks for sale

Rare '67 4x4 stepside with electric dump bed

Same '67 4x4 stepside

green '68

2003 Truck of the Year

'67 beater for sale

another red '67

 Friday, May 13, 2005

Weather has been beautiful last 2 days, actually too hot, but considering it's in the 40's at home I won't complain too much. Supposed to storm tonight. Judging may have been a joke, he never even walked all the way around mine, barely looking at it, and then asked me what year it was. Oh well it's not about the trophy, right?

Ryan and Dad
redneckF 100

Ryan's and mine from behind

Ryan's 352

Ryan's Pure '67

FordLuvr rear window

The Calif. Cowboy pic

incredible stocker '70

incredible stocker story

incredible stocker engine

Leon Campbell's '69

nice stock '70

nice 390

home of the nice 390

stocker '70

beige '69 Ranger

Todd Crow's lowered
red '72 Ranger XLT

Todd Crow - rear view

Todd Crow's 429CJ to go

Todd Crow's tubs to go

You are here: Home FORDification 'Meet & Greets' and Other Shows 2005 F-100 SuperNationals Picture Gallery

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