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You are here: Home FORDification 'Meet & Greets' and Other Shows PNW / FORDification Meet & Greet - 2/19/05

PNW / FORDification Meet & Greet
February 19, 2005




            Some fine folks and I from decided to do a Meet & Greet at The Rock in Auburn, Washington on February 19.  The day started off with a sunny but chilly stroll through the Early Bird Auto Swap Meet in Puyallup, with a couple of us getting lucky in finding some useful things as the day warmed up.  After a few hours of this and our stomachs complaining that it is time for some frosties and pizza we headed for The Rock, Wood Fired Pizza and Spirits.  This place has some fine pizza and wacked restrooms.  Here we finally got to sit down, quench our thirst and shoot the sh…..crap.  It was great to finally match names with faces. 

            Hats off to Peter (F.O.R.D.) who drove all the way up from California without getting a ticket (almost though).  Not just to meet us, but also to pick up some parts and do the swap.  Peter used the excuse that there was not enough time to make all the stops at every gas station along the way, so he didn’t drive his Ford.  I guess we all can be of the same mind with him on that one.  We all had a great time swapping stories, laughs and shadetree mechanic remedies.  Thanks to Peter (F.O.R.D.), Bryant & family (67inOly), Ed & Family (Tazzman68), Mike & Family (72Hiboy4x4), Mark (Comet), Bill & family (Ford390pwr) for joining me.  Hopefully I got everyone right, if not, my apologies.  It was a pleasure meeting all of you and I hope to do it again in the future.

Greg (heep70)

Pictured, from left: Ed (Tazzman68), Bryant & family (67inOly), Greg (heep70), Mike & Lizzie (72Hiboy4x4), Peter (Faithful Old Road Dog), and Mark (Comet).
Not pictured: Bill and family (Ford390pwr)

Additional Photos
(supplied by Tazzman)

Us! everyone that showed up at the Rock – except for my wife Gena...she was in the van trying to get warm.

This is the bad-a$$ urinal at the ROCK

Men's room stall wall at The ROCK

You are here: Home FORDification 'Meet & Greets' and Other Shows PNW / FORDification Meet & Greet - 2/19/05

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