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You are here: Home FORDification 'Meet & Greets' and Other Shows Texas / FORDification Meet & Greet - 6/11/05

Texas / FORDification Meet & Greet
June 11, 2005



J.B.: It was a great day. The drags were fun. The best part of the drags was walking around looking at all the cars and talking to the owner/drivers. We stood in the shade and watched Gene Snow's crew for a good bit and got the pleasure of being about 10 feet behind the zoomies when they ran it up. We talked for a good spell with the owner/driver of an absolutely flawless '70-'72 Chevy shortbed. It weighed 3800 and ran 8.90s. I think that was the only bowtie we perused. We also talked for quite a while to the young driver of a '68 Shelby Mustang. FE motor (428) and setting like 7th in the nation with one race behind. Those FE motors are still doing it in style!!!!
     Much thanks to Larry and the missus. Nice family and wonderful hospitality, and a great steak to boot. And thanks to everyone who showed up to make it a successful get together. It was fun meeting everyone and putting faces to the names that we know.
     And Ashley Force asked to have her picture taken with the FORDification guys. She said if there had been more of us she would have had us over for some steaks later but really could only host one organization and it had to be at least six, five just wasn't enough. Something about Ford's P.R. rules as the actual sponsor of that little program. She also said it is normal for the PR guys to have her pick one person from the group that is about her age (22) to go spent 1 on 1 time with. I guess it's just something about keeping in touch with the fan base at a grass roots level.
     In case you other people don't know, Tony and Miss Thang drove 500 miles round-trip just to spend a couple hours with us.

Larry: No one got hurt, drunk, or offended. unless it was Chevy fans bothered by the big Ford racing banner.....

Chris: I had a great time with everyone who came to the get-together and I have a lot of GOOD memories that I'll keep forever. It was a blast to be able to meet and put a face to the names. It was cool to just hang out and talk. I think we all found out we have a little more in common than just trucks, which makes it even more fun to talk. I want to thank Crazy Larry, Miss Crazy and their son Mike for hosting the after-race party at their place. The steaks were great and I felt at home.

Tony B: Although fashionably late, Miss Thang and I had a great time and look forward to getting together with everyone again. Larry and Kim's hospitality was East Texas's at it finests; J.B. was just J.B...wants a 4 speed in everything. Chris: thanks for the cards, I'm getting the word out everywhere I can; and James, we didn't get to talk a lot and if you get to read this I hope it finds you well in whatever part of the world you landed in. Godspeed bro, come home safe. Mere words cannot express what you do to keep our freedom safe.

The food was great, the company was better and the drive...well, just another day at the office for me.

Left to right: Chris, Larry, Ashley Force, J.B. and James (kneeling)

(aka cobraF100)

Tony B
(aka wt4speed)


Carlene B
(aka Miss Thang )

(aka willowbilly)

(aka crazylarry)

(aka Missus Crazy)

All pictures courtesy
of Tony and Larry
Best race of the meet. Both 428's... the red car won. The kid driving the white car is the kid willowbilly spoke about us talking to. This round was the quarter finals. He ended up being put out in the semis.

You are here: Home FORDification 'Meet & Greets' and Other Shows Texas / FORDification Meet & Greet - 6/11/05

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