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You are here: Home FORDification 'Meet & Greets' and Other Shows Midwest / FORDification Meet & Greet - 4/14-15/07

Midwest / FORDification Meet & Greet
April 14-15, 2007


The first Midwest Meet & Greet was held Saturday and Sunday, April 14-15. Those who attended participated in the Ararat Shrine Swap Meet, held at the Woodlands Raceway in Kansas City, MO. This is a large event held twice a year, once each in the Spring and Fall. The long-distance award would have gone to 'foghorn', who drove about 5 hours from northeast Oklahoma to get there. 'FORDification' (Keith) and his family would've gotten second place, with about a 4-1/2 hour drive from east-central Nebraska.

Dressing warmly for the swap meet on Saturday was mandatory, as it was only in the low-40's with a crisp wind. There was hint of rain and/or snow all day, but fortunately that held off. Most of the item brought by forum members were sold by the end of the day Saturday, but several members decided to return to the meet on Sunday to see if they could sell the remainder. After the swap meet on Saturday evening, the crew met at '67F250CS's' house to sit and shoot the bull for a few hours before calling it a night. He gave us the grand tour of his new house and the garage loft renovations he's been working on prior to the Meet & Greet, with the anticipation of hosting the get-together.

At the end of the day, the suggestion was made that we try to do this again during the scheduled August 11-12 Ararat Shrine Swap Meet, the second (and final) of the year, and so we're already tentatively planning on it.

A BIG thank you to all who attended, helped organize and hosted this event, especially '67F250CS' and his wife, who allowed us to congregate at their house for the BS session afterwards.

Here's a shot of the crew who was there Saturday evening. Standing in front of 'foghorn's' '70 F100 are (from left to right): 'ezernut9mm', 'FORDification', 'MadMaxetc', 'rjewkes', '67F250CS', 'fordman' and 'foghorn'.

A view from the main front entrance. There were many golf carts and four-wheelers running around the meet, hauling heavy items out to the parking lots for customers.
Though it was a very well-organized event with crowds almost all day, the cold temps undoubtedly kept some buyers and sellers away.

(Pictures by 'FORDification' unless noted otherwise)

'foghorn' and 'rjewkes' at the forum members' collective swap meet space. (photos by 'ezernut9mm')

The bumpside front clip that 'foghorn' sold was purchased by another vendor, who stored it at his space...and reported folks continually asking him about it. Good sheetmetal was in high demand.

The local Harbor Freight outlet had a space, selling a large variety of tools and supplies.

(photo by 'fordman')

The large building in the background of this shot is the Woodland Hills dog-racing track facility.

(photo by 'ezernut9mm')

(photo by 'fordman')

(photo by 'fordman')
(Pictures by 'FORDification' unless noted otherwise)

(photo by 'FORDification')

(photo by 'ezernut9mm')
This '69 Custom Cab was a 'no-sale' at $5000.

How about a vintage Thunderbird....
with a 428 and a trio of 2-bbl carbs!

OK, so it's not a Ford...but this '50 Studebaker Starlight was still pretty cool!
This '67 Ford Ranchero with an I6 and 3-spd had a $4200 asking price.
'59 Ford Custom 300
w/223 I6 and 3-spd
The seller of this '65 F250 LWB with a 352 was taking offers.

(photo by 'ezernut9mm')



Poor Foggy was just plum tuckered out after the day's activities and decided to take a short snooze.

'rjewkes' and 'FORDification's' three kids hanging out in the living room.

67F250CS shows off the loft project above his garage, which is still in progress. He's had a lot of help from 'nikon4u' in getting it to this point. The window leaning against the wall will be installed in the unfinished wall at the far end.

Here's a close-up of the kitchenette in the loft, complete with built-in cabinets and running water.

Because of the limited space available for the stairs, the incline is steep...but with this cool 'bachelor pad' over the shop, who cares!?

While working on the loft, the '67 Camper Special has collected some dust while being used as the shop sawhorse.

The interior is still in progress. A Dodge Grand Caravan has supplied much of the 'custom' interior pieces, including the bucket seats, console, 3-point seatbelts, headliner w/courtesy lights and inside door panel trim, which will eventually house the power window switches.

(From left to right): 'ezernut9mm', 'FORDification', 'MadMaxetc', 'rjewkes', '67F250CS', 'fordman' and 'foghorn'.

"foggy" poses with his '70 F100

You are here: Home FORDification 'Meet & Greets' and Other Shows Midwest / FORDification Meet & Greet - 4/14-15/07

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