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You are here: Home Tech Articles & Tutorials Interior / Electrical
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Technical Articles - Interior / Electrical
How to Install a '78-'79 Factory Wiper Delay Setup
     A photo-tutorial on adding a very simple and convenient option using factory parts

Factory Wiring Diagrams and Schematics
     Original factory diagrams for electrical diagnosis and troubleshooting

Charging System Troubleshooting (under construction)
     Don't just randomly replace parts...find out how to troubleshoot your charging system

Fuel Tank Sending Unit Tech
     How to troubleshoot your malfunctioning fuel gauge and photos of different factory sending units

AM Radio Service Guides - (1967, 1970)
     Service info and procedures for factory AM radios from an aftermarket service manual

1967-only AM Radio Dimensions
Dimensions of the smaller one-year-only AM radio for the 1967 models

Factory Ford Pickup Seats
     A collection of images of '80s-'90s factory seats which are bolt-in swaps

Ford Bucket Seat Mounting Brackets
     CAD schematics of the special bucket seat mounting brackets

Onan Power Generators (under construction)
     A complete guide to the optional underhood electrical generators

Factory Ammeter Wiring (under construction)
     Just some notes taken while researching how a Ford truck's ammeter works

Servicing Your Truck's Air-Conditioning Setup
     Scanned pages from the 1973 Chilton's motor/age Professional Auto Air Conditioning Manual

Installing a Factory A/C Unit (under construction)
     Tutorial on truck A/C setups and how they're installed

Factory A/C Control Cable Hook-ups
     A photo collection of the various hook-up points for the four control cables

Color and Upholstery Sample Books
     A mini-tutorial about Ford's paint and fabric sample books, with links to scans of some of the inside pages


You are here: Home Tech Articles & Tutorials Interior / Electrical

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